Discography » Materioteca 07 » The Key of Ernest

The Key of Ernest (5:41)

Music by BrunelloDe Marchi, Guerra, Indriolo, Vittori
Lyrics by Guerra


Moonlight keep with you this silent grief
and drain it away from my hands.
I’m not a child anymore
But please let fall your veil
‘cause I’m feelin’ afraid

Don’t be sad I’m still with you
You will find (your way if you leave your rage go away)

I will spend my life my faithless
Untill the end for redeme this time

I’ll never forgive i’ve cried in vane over your grave
I will never forget your desire

For who still remind you
I will sacrifice my soul
But until this fate will come
I’m afraid to loose my mind

The silent spire of evil are gonna dominetin’
Slowly but inexorably the schyte is goin’ down
To mow the corn while is still movin’
The snake has begane him dance
And before it’s finished
Poison will be already mixed with blood ah ah ah

I will fixed you into my eyes
You left my soul surround you
Cause otherwise you can’t stay

Forget or forgive, it doesn’t means now that you are lied
They will die by my hands as my desire

© Osvaldo Indriolo