Discography » Materioteca 07 » The Spirit’s Dawn

The Spirit’s Dawn (7:26)

Music by BrunelloDe Marchi, Guerra, Indriolo, Vittori
Lyrics by De Marchi, Guerra


Only five years just remain xxxx
When the stars will be aligns with those distant wormhole

So the sunset will rise upon new times.
And the planets will xxxx existences

Slowly but strong, day by day every things that we known

Will be different and the circle will be closed again
And our technology will be lied for survive.

Some one said that will be hard
Less than a half of human been will remain alive
Less than a half will remain alive

So how will we become?
How could be grown older?
Where are we truly going?
Is there a wayout?

CH. When the swan has spreads the wings
he was showing us the way
And before he stop him flight
there is something we must seen
There is something we must learn
is a new way of thought
Forgetting hate and gods only love
Let us survive

Someone said that it will be strong
But now we know what we have to do
We can drive our destiny


© Osvaldo Indriolo