Indriolo and Brunello: Penis Barbecue with Give Us Barabba

It’s with great pride that Wood of Light announce that the Avant-garde Metal Band Give Us Barabba Penis Barbecue, produced by Enrico Longhin, is now available worldwide!
The project Give Us Barabba includes the Wood of Light guitarist Mirco Brunello and the keyboardist Osvaldo Indriolo with Andrea Tiengo, Ivan Squarcina, Girolamo Bennici and the frontman Alessandro Numa.

Penis BarbecueTracklist

1. My Band Sax
2. Devin Townsend
3. Happy!
4. Io e Te Senza di Lei
5. Everything That I’ve Learned
6. Penis Barbecue
7. A per Venditta
8. Asselfir Enoisselfir Al

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