We Are The Champions with Brian May

We Are The Champions with Brian May

Osvaldo Indriolo and Mirco Brunello meet online to play We Are The Champions with Brian May!

The keyboardist Osvaldo Indriolo and the guitarist Mirco Brunello meet virtually for a special performance with Brian May!

The founder and guitarist of Queen was shared a special initiative which allowed them to play with him the famous We Are The Champions, 1977’s song published on News of the World.
Brian, Osvaldo and Mirco played with the bassist of Give Us Barabba Ivan Squarcina, Niccolò Romanin on drums and, for this special event, with 2 singers! Stefano Baldan, from Gears of Doom band, and Marco Pedrali stood out in this difficult vocal test!

The Wood of Light dedicate We Are The Champions to all the real champions who, in this difficult period, fight against this terrible pandemic! See you soon!

Videoclip credit

  • Edited and and video engineer by Osvaldo Indriolo
  • Video’s audio editing and post production by Osvaldo Indriolo

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