Announcement: Feel Like Escaping

The Wood of Light are serene in announcing that the show of yesterday, held at the Zelarino’s Sport Fields and which saw the entire run of Feelikescaping concept album, was the last live performance of the band.
This decision was gained after finding that the personal commitments of each musician have become irreconcilable with the live activity.
Now, up to future decisions, the Wood of Light is to be intended only studio project.

Mirco Brunello: “I regret to not playing live with Wood of Light anymore… we always enjoy and I think we’ve always done very good performances. But in this moment we need a long pause and we need to escape from live scene. I plans to open a music school… Davide and Simone teach music full-time and Oswald is involved up in our new project Give Us Barabba…
Moreover, must say that although we had always a good audience, we are a little tired to playing in front of the same audience. I love our fans and that thank for the support and the satisfaction he gave us… but we need to be involved in the most interesting and new live performances.
We believe that the best way forward is to follow up a affirmed Progressive Band on tour and try to hit their audience… just so we can get out of a “monotonous” live situation which unfortunately afflicts almost of all emergent Band.
The results in terms of sales and press about Feelikescaping are great… and we have a public abroad that awaits us… maybe, we should then focus on an discography activity and see what the future holds!
See you soon!