Feelikescaping now available

The new Wood of Light Progressive Metal concept album  “Feelikescaping“, produced by Frank Andiver for Lost Sound Records, is now available worldwide!
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Wood of Light - Feelikescaping

1 – Feeikscaping (1:20) > SAMPLE & LYRICS
2 – Mr. Lone Star (4:44) > SAMPLE & LYRICS
3 – Free Body of a Lifer’s Soul (5:31) > SAMPLE & LYRICS
4 – The Man Who Knows His Fate (5:07) > SAMPLE & LYRICS
5 – R. Gregory’s Perception (6:11) > SAMPLE & LYRICS
6 – Head-on Crash (5:37) > SAMPLE & LYRICS
7 – The Rot-ten Apples (5:01) > SAMPLE & LYRICS
8 – L.E. (6:24) > SAMPLE & LYRICS

Feelikescaping: the concept

Feelikescaping is the first LP by Wood of Light, born with the ambition to convey an experience to the listener and not simply some music aimed exclusively to its listening.
The search of a personal and original sound was realized through the draft of a concept that is free from the narrative and, instead, embraces a single topic discussed from different points of view, as, for example, in the concept “In the Wee Small Hours” (1954) by Frank Sinatra.
The songs are unbound to each other, but deep in their lyrics and in rare and brief instrumental references, linked by the theme of “will of escaping” (“feel like escaping” = Feelikescaping).
Escape from the world contaminated with poisons, criminals, political and social struggles… A “will of escaping” that must not be interpreted, therefore, as an “anarchist rebellion,” but rather as a moment of reflection on which we believe it is right to linger.
Feelikescaping is then a tangible “experience” that we all can deepen under different interpretations depending depending on our own sensitivity and our own “world”.

Feelikescaping: the music

Creating a “new” style is a great ambition in the huge music scene which in recent years, with the spread of networks, has been greatly enriched. The main aim was to separate from the common solutions of composition, especially of the progressive genre, adopting alternatives balanced to an overall outcome of usability.
The search of a new and personal sound brought to drastic stylistic choices: the long instrumental parts, typical of progressive music, have been reduced to the essential or even deleted, the songs were deliberately written to have a short length, the solos were object of “emotional” study rather than “technical.”
The end result is a progressive style that, despite the obvious metal similarities, tries to overlook pop music.
We wanted to play with elegant contrasts between refined music and accessible melodic lines, stylistic choice adopted mainly for the chorus, or for some instrumental parts where metal rhythms “support” catchy funky/ jazz melodies.

Feelikescaping: the artwork

Saturno Buttò has kindly allowed Wood of Light to use his masterpiece “Figura di spalle con rasoio” (2005), oil on wood 86 x 126 cm, in exhibition at Mishin Gallery in San Francisco (CA, USA).
La donna ritratta con un coltello in mano pone un interessante interrogativo: cosa intende fare? Uccidersi o uccidere qualcuno? Proteggersi da un pericolo? O forse vuole solamente “tagliare” qualcosa in segno di cambiamento?

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