Indriolo and Brunello have formed Give Us Barabba

It’s with great pride that Wood of Light announce that Osvaldo Indriolo Indriolo and Mirco Brunello have formed the new Avant-garde Metal Band called Give Us Barabba!
The project Give Us Barabba includes the frontman and saxophonist Alessandro Numa, already frontman of F.A.I.D.A. and saxophonist of Sir Oliver Skardy Backing Band Fahrenheit 451. In addition to Mirco, the other guitarist is Andrea Tiengo, already guitarist of Black Mama and Gears of Doom with the bassist Ivan Squarcina. On drum, Girolamo Bennici, from Ex-trim and Matley.
This new musi project will be an additional incentive for for future projects of Wood of Light, who will be able to explore new musical genres and enrich their musical experience.

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