New album: the mix is ready

Wood of Light are pleased to announce that Frank Andiver and Stefano Tocci have just finished the mixing of del new Wood of Light album at Zenith Recordings Studio in Lucca!

Mirco Brunello: “Finally we finished recording our last LP! We worked really hard for 33 days at Zenith Studio in Lucca with our producer Frank Andiver and his technical assistant Stefano Tocci who we want to thank a lot!
The editing and mixing sessions have given the record a very particular sound, between progressive and pop music.
We want to thank all the Staff of Alkemist Fanatix Europe for their cooperation and we want to thank all those who have supported us and helped us with this work, especially our fans… that we hope to multiply across the world after the release of this work!
Now our LP is ready for the final phase of the master… in Helsinki!”