Wood of Light: new line-up

After many months of research and after testing many musicians, Wood of Light are therefore pleased to announce that Simone Colman is their new frontman and David Schimd is the new drummer, respectively take the place of Paolo Guerra and Martino Vittori.

Osvaldo Indriolo: “We warmly say goodbye to Paolo Guerra and Martino Vittori renewing our best wishes for their future career and thanking them once more for the dedication, passion and professionality with which they have followed the band over the years and our fans. At the same time we welcome their natural successors, Simone Colman and Davide Schimd with the certainty that their collaboration will be of great value for the band and the audience. With them we start a new important project. Thanks to all of you!”

Paolo Guerra: “After many concerts, a couple of years together playing our songs and some cover  and after having recorded two EPs, I find myself leaving Wood of Light. Unfortunately the limited time available and little desire to fully engage in this project, made me get away from the band. After a period in which I looked for new urges within the band, I realized that I did not really suit them, and that I would have slowed down their work. It is with great serenity that I quit Wood of Light. I thank the whole band for the great opportunity of musical growth it gave me: it was in fact my first chance to face the world of professional music-making and playing. I truly thank everyone: Bunker Productions, Nomadism Records, those who attended our concerts and anyone else who helped us to make our ideas and our passion real. I thank Osvaldo, especially for his patience and the enormous passion that drives him in what he does. I thank Mirco and Damiano, as they welcomed me and then they let me go free. Thanks also to Martino, that despite the years spent together, didn’t got bored of playing with me yet! I am aware of leaving a group of musicians that firmly believe in what they do, and for this reason I wish them to reach all their targets.
Rock on Guys!”

Martino Vittori: “I thank the band for the experience we shared during these four years and I wish them a long career of satisfactions and successes! I thank all the fans who followed our concerts and everyone who even remotely enjoyed my drumming… It was a pleasure playing for you and I hope that our songs will stay with you for a long time!”

Simone Colman: “I thank Wood of Light for their interest and confidence shown in occasion of my debut in the band. I was struck by the both familial and professional approach of the band; it is my intention to contribute to the future works of Wood of Light, to create a new musical impact to be presented to the public, confident in the skills and ideas of the group. Thank you all!

Davide Schimd: “I thank “today’s” Wood of Light for their unconditional confidence in me. I expect hard work in a peaceful atmosphere. I believe both elements to be essentials for the existence of a real band. Finally, I greet Wood Of Light’s past members, that I only met through their work and I hope to have soon the pleasure of meeting them personally.”