Wood of Light have signed with Alkemist Fanatix Europe

It is with great pleasure that Wood of Light communicate the beginning of their cooperation with agency Alkemist Fanatix Europe, with which they will follow the development of the next full-length album currently in progress! Sure of a professional and artistic growth, we thank all the Staff of Alkemist Fanatix Europe for the trust.
Consequently we ended our collaboration with Bunker Productions and we thank them for what they did in this year of collaboration.

“Alkemist Fanatix Europe has been founded by Carlo Bellotti and cooperates with many partners all over the world. Alkemist Fanatix Europe works with bands and record labels, for setting up distributions, licences and contracts. The agency is affiliated with important companies that are integrating parts of the operations. These companies carry out several activities like the shooting of professional videoclips, booking of European tours, distribution and cd pressing. For Alkemist Fanatix to promote bands and labels means to give dignity to the actions, to give exposition, to produce tools using languages and diagrams, to encourage the information and the knowledge, controlling that all suggested contents are formulated in a correct and aimed way. The agency, therefore, is specialized on the promotion of artists and labels through a multi-platform promotion campaign, using an immense national and international contact database: business plans, considering, both, customers requirements and several communication equipments. The promotion of the bands and releases, happens thanks to magazines, television transmissions, indipendent radios (local, regional, national and foreign) and web sites. The agency, moreover, supplies the musical bands advising them during the negotiations on the copyrights, on the publishing and legal support. Alkemist Fanatix Europe provides technical/organizational support. Alkemist associates the promotion of the album with the promotion of the tours. The agency offers an A&R support.
Finally the agency helps to sells the cds online and manages enterprises, locals, artistic centers like art galleries. On one side these aims impose you to invest on the valorization of critical and creative attitudes, from the other side on transversal knowhow in order to join the multiperspective vision (economic, legal, sociological) of the processes inherent the production and the distribution of music.”