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Prog Metal Zone about Feelikescaping

Prog Metal Zone about Feelikescaping: “The music is also so unique and excellent…“ New young band charts their own path within Italy’s fertile progressive metal scene. As many progressive metal aficionados know, Italy could very well have the most active number of bands and like all countries, the quality varies but there are definitely some great Italian …

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La Nuova of Venezia about i Wood of Light

La Nuova of Venezia about Music Mestre Growing: “The Wood of Light of good singer Simone Colman showed a good sound performance of their songs in prog-metal style.” > Read the review translated in ENGLISH by Google  < Il giovane rock conquista il Laurentianum Il rock giovanile conquista il Laurentianum. La seconda sera delle fasi eliminatorie del …

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Escaping Gig @ Music Mestre Growing 2010 (Mestre, VE – Italy)

Wood of Light @ Music Mestre Growing P.zza Ferretto / In caso di pioggia > Auditorium Laurentianum 30174 – Mestre (VE – Italy) at 7.00 PM – free entry Il Duomo di Mestre > view maps set list 1. Free Body Of A Lifer’s Soul 2. R. Gregory’s Perception 3. The Man Who Knows His …

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