Pain of Salvation

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Unprogged about Feelikescaping

Unprogged about Feelikescaping: “… the instrumental section is solid, made up of good riffs and melodic good solutions; It is very pleasant and above all interpreted with good technique.” > Read the review translated in ENGLISH by Google  < A detta degli stessi Wood of Light questo disco d’esordio nasce “con l’ambizione di trasmettere all’ascoltatore “un’esperienza” e …

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Shapeless Zine interview Osvaldo Indriolo

Shapeless Zine interview Osvaldo Indriolo: “if by chance some songs had to have one or more sections like Dream Theater’s sound, we discard it immediately”. > Read the review translated in ENGLISH by Google  < I Wood Of Light provengono da Treviso e suonano un prog metal decisamente interessante. Abbiamo scambiato due parole con il …

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