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Shapeless Zine interview Osvaldo Indriolo

Shapeless Zine interview Osvaldo Indriolo: “if by chance some songs had to have one or more sections like Dream Theater’s sound, we discard it immediately”. > Read the review translated in ENGLISH by Google  < I Wood Of Light provengono da Treviso e suonano un prog metal decisamente interessante. Abbiamo scambiato due parole con il …

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Escaping Gig @ Big Boy (Biancade, TV – Italy)

Wood of Light + HP Overload @ Big Boy Biancade Via Bordone Paris, 17 31056 – Biancade di Roncade (TV – Italy) at 9.00 PM – free entry HP Overload > view maps set list  1. ProjecT.I.C.  2. Free Body Of A Lifer’s Soul  3. Impressioni di Settembre (P.F.M.)  4. Dyngasping For Breath  5. R. …

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Metal Empire interview Osvaldo Indriolo and Mirco Brunello

Metal Empire interview Osvaldo Indriolo and Mirco Brunello says: “I’ve read an interview with Steve Hackett and him talks about the research of the originality as an obsession, and I must say that I feel very close to this way of understanding this important aspect of composition”. > Read the review translated in ENGLISH by Google  < …

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